I’ve set up this website, in addition to my university website, for people who want to know a little more about me.

I am afraid many of you may be disappointed. I don’t do extreme sports, I am not a hi-tech buff, I am not a secret expert on 18th-century maps, and I don’t even do gardening. Unless you are mainly interested in my economics, the only thing that is interesting on this website would be the section, ‘Non-economists I like to read’ under ‘Influences’.

Still, please enjoy the site. It would be at least more informative and interesting than my university website!

Recent News

My article, ‘Industrial Policy in the 21st Century’ with Antonio Andreoni, is the most cited article in the last 2 years in the journal, Development and Change LSE Lecture on The Political Economy of Parasite (the movie) Interview in La Tercera, the Chilean newspaper, on the future of Chilean economy and society (in Spanish) A blogpost for UNIDO on digitalisation technology and developing countries (with Antonio Andreoni and Mateus Labrunie) Launch event open to all for the special issue, ‘Bringing Production Back into Development’, of European Journal of Development Research, at 2-4pm on 27 April, 2021 A special issue of European Journal of Development Research on ‘Bringing Production back into Development’, co-edited with Antonio Andreoni, is free to view until 30 April, 2021 An interview in the Dutch newspaper, de Volkskrant, on ‘different capitalism’ (in Dutch) A video discussion with Sphera, the sustainability consultancy, on ‘COVID-19, the Economic Depression and Environmental Sustainability’ A video interview by the INET (Institute for New Economic Thinking) of Mohsen Javdani, introducing the paper that he has co-authored with me on ideological biases among economists (he is the lead author) A short video clip, titled, ‘The future of developing economies’ in the series, ‘The World after Coronavirus’ of the Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University

Media Highlights

Video interview on the British economy, with Owen Jones, in the Guardian Animation on ‘Economics: The User’s Guide’ in the RSA Animate series Article in the Guardian, ‘Making things matters. This is what Britain forgot’ An article on ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ in the Guardian’s summer series, ‘A book that changed me’ . Article in the Guardian, titled, ‘ Why did Britain’s political class buy into the Tories’ economic fairytale?’ Article (with Jonathan Aldred) in the Observer on reform of economics education Video of my talk, titled, ‘Economics – but not as you know it’ at the LSE on my new book, ‘Economics: The User’s Guide’ On anchovies, aubergines, and unorthodox economics in the Diary in the Financial Times ‘Lunch with the FT’ interview Conversation with Brian Eno, the musician, on economics and art