Welcome to my website

I’ve set up this website for people who want to know a little more about me. The Media section has been constantly updated, but the other parts have been updated in a patchy way. So, I have had it updated in a major way in 2022, as it was a year of big changes for me: on 25 June, 2022, I left the University of Cambridge after 32 years of teaching and moved to SOAS University of London; on 27 October, 2022, I published a new mass-market book, Edible Economics – A Hungry Economist Explains the World, after an 8-year gap.

I am afraid many of you may be disappointed. I don’t do extreme sports, I am not a hi-tech buff, I am not a secret expert on 18th-century maps, and I don’t even do gardening. Unless you are mainly interested in my economics, the only thing that is interesting on this website would be the section, ‘Non-economists I like to read’ under ‘Influences’.

Still, please enjoy the site

photo © Stuart Simpson / Penguin Random House